Sunday, December 4th, 2022

If you prefer the small and personal bar/club over the very spacious top-of-the-line kind, you will like this place. You get to meet bikers, a lot of chicks, car lovers, tattooed guys/gals, and many others. Even if this is a “personal club”, some of the hottest bands perform here. The staff are professional (read: you [...]

Some people may call this as a high-end place, but I simply consider it as a middle-range lounge bar. Still, they offer daily specials- on both drinks and food. Some of the offerings of the menu are sandwiches, salads, soups, munchies and Mexican. For entertainment, live is the name of their game. They also have [...]

It has just undergone a facelift, and it is now more charming than before. Bands rock it on Saturdays, the Happy Hour all throughout the day (Sun) and something I’ve never heard of: patio that has volleyball nets (at least in Michigan). Karaoke is there if you want to prove to the world that you [...]

A small club with ample offerings: first, they have rock bands. Granted, you may see a band that is so obscure you’ll be wondering where on Mars they came from, but on the other hand, national bands also make an appearance. You get bikers, car buffs, tattooed folks, and others. Beer is ok, and the [...]

This is principally a restaurant, but the full bar guarantees that not all of those coming in are after a good meal, some would just want to get drunk, for whatever reason. The place has good burgers, even better pizza. The place is usually jampacked on Saturday evenings, and on such occasions, the management might [...]

This place has very particular specials for the food, here’s an example: Tuesdays- for just $20 (rounded off), you get one pound of shrimps- but then again, it’s far from original right? Ambiance is good, beer is even better, but this is their novelty: the memory book. They collect the memorable stories (experiences) from past [...]

There are people who are not at all choosy with their beer/wine, but would stop patronizing a bar because the food’s selection is so short. Well, at Brick Street, they have about 130 items on the menu, and fourteen kinds of cheesecakes. Your appetite will awaken because of the ambience (not just because the appetizers [...]

This BBQ house specializes in genuine South Memphis barbeques (the smoked flavor is what they’re known for) and to augment this, they offer a respectable beer list. If you love blues music, Sat night is the time to make an appearance. They have a decor whose motif is musical instrument. The service is friendly and [...]

House-made beer and a lot of ribs is the first reason why this watering hole is getting more popular by the day. There is no smoking at the dining area, but smokers can puff away all they want at the lounge section. The House serves wines and beers, while the cuisine is predominantly American-continental. Reservations [...]

If for whatever reason, you hate Kettering, don’t go here. It’s the hangout place of their undergrads- but if you don’t care at all, good. Good drinks, good prices and a pretty comfortable ambience. There are bands performing, but if you don’t like live entertainment, then maybe you can be the entertainment. Grab the mike [...]