Sunday, December 4th, 2022

This place has very particular specials for the food, here’s an example: Tuesdays- for just $20 (rounded off), you get one pound of shrimps- but then again, it’s far from original right? Ambiance is good, beer is even better, but this is their novelty: the memory book. They collect the memorable stories (experiences) from past [...]

This BBQ house specializes in genuine South Memphis barbeques (the smoked flavor is what they’re known for) and to augment this, they offer a respectable beer list. If you love blues music, Sat night is the time to make an appearance. They have a decor whose motif is musical instrument. The service is friendly and [...]

If you are tired of the kind of bar that serves 20 kinds of sandwiches and that’s about all, give this place a go-see. They have salads, soup, soul food, among others. Attire is merely casual, so get rid of that 3-piece suit that you had on during the board meeting. Mondays to Saturdays, they [...]