Sunday, December 4th, 2022

Snookers Pool & Pub in Eastpointe is yet another one of the popular Snookers pool hall locations that everybody loves so much. They’ve got plenty of pool tables so you never find yourself waiting for one, and everything is kept so clean here just as it should be in a bar and restaurant. The staff [...]

Eastpointe Pub is one of the best bars in the city! They’ve got the best food we can find anywhere around, really low drink prices that are impossible to beat, and specials on shots that will really blow your mind (and leave your wallet in good condition!). Every time we go to Eastpointe Pub we [...]

Not exactly the kind of place you’ll frequent for sports games on plasmas, or to play billiards for hours and hours. The main entertainment here is music, first- they have the DJs- whom I cannot say are the best I’ve seen, but they are good enough. If you want to sing until you get yourself [...]