Sunday, December 4th, 2022

If you’re curious about the name Bank Nightlife, it’s called that because it’s housed in the former Mount Clemens Federal Savings and Loan building! People used to save their money there, and now you can go there to spend some! There is a dress code here (no athletic apparel, no beach wear, no hats, no [...]

**Bar i now closed**
While there is nothing drastically wrong with the place, there is nothing that positively stands out. Food is ok, given with generous helpings. The live bands are good, and the drinks will not drain your meager allowances. Parking is offered- but whether you have a car or not, you’ll enjoy the karaoke [...]

This is a dueling piano bar and it is a sweet change from the sports bars you have been frequenting for the longest time. Have fun with the live entertainment happening from Wednesdays to Saturdays. Enjoy the parking on-site and also the very lenient dress code. If you wish for a more quiet place, this [...]

*This bar is now closed*
If you are a cowboy (actual or a wannabe), then this place is suited to a T for you. They have a roomy dance floor that is used for the line dancing. Don’t worry about the parking, they have a free lot available. Meals served are lunch and dinner, and while [...]

Fritts’ Pub is your epicenter for boozy good times! With a chill pub on the first floor and a night club on the second floor, we’re your perfect pub/club mix. Whether it’s for a quick bite to eat or drinks with friends, you can be sure to find the evening you want at Fritts’ Pub.
Fritts’ [...]

Dressed in casual (I don’t think it’s a must), enter this brick-walled hangout and get a good drinking/dining experience. This bears the name because it was the home for mineral bathhouses 100 years ago, cute huh? Their food includes chicken fajitas and mussels. The bar itself features an amusing fireplace and the facet that makes [...]

*this bar is now closed*
You can find Voodoo Lounge in the upper level of Johnnys 2$ on Thurs to Saturday nights. They feature DJ Warwick who is popular with the locals. Avail of the 2-dollar domestics, drafts and Well drinks. On Thursday evenings, they have the 3$-drinks which keep on coming until the [...]

This is the club located above Johnny G’s. Cush used to be called The G-spot, but probably because it offended some quarters, they changed it to this (it’s a guess). What is not a guess is that they have DJs here, and a lot of good specials on the liquor. Music style in this [...]

The black/gray paint gives an ominous air to some people, but once they see the Hayloft Liquor stand memorabilia, they’ll forget all about the colors. Check out the pictures of bands that used to perform in this place. Good plasmas for the games, and a topnotch sound system that gives very clear acoustics. If you [...]

In this bar, the menu on drinks is far from zero, let me just give you a few. They have Peanut butter cup, Pineapple Bomber and the Orange Creamsicle. Appetizers are good, try their calamari and you’ll probably order some for dinner later on. For live entertainment, rock bands from the local scene hug the [...]