Sunday, December 4th, 2022

Kavan’s Colony East Bar-Grill is a cool spot to get together with your best friends for a celebration or with your colleagues after work! The burgers here are similar to a certain popular tavern in Royal Oak (you know the one!) so if you don’t feel like driving all the way out there, this makes [...]

Pub Froggy in Roseville is just a regular neighborhood bar where you can let your hair down and enjoy some really great food and drinks. The froggy burgers are a staple around here, and they pair very nicely with the mouth watering chili fries. Another combination that we can’t resist is a BLT and coffee. [...]

This is definitely a good place to be in if you are a music lover (varied tastes). While sipping your beer, local bands will entertain you. Take note of the differing styles you’ll get to hear in this watering hole: acoustic, classic rock, hard rock, rock and roll, jazz (if you know the sched, you [...]

This is formally known as Wild Woody’s for those of you that remember. Talk about a very long reputation: this bar has been giving drinks and fun for more than a decade. It’s a pub for relaxation during the day, but it becomes a dancing arena by night. They serve soups, soul, and salads, [...]

I don’t see anything novel (in features or service) with this place, but at least, they have no significant “weakness”. If you are a fan of the On Common Ground band, then frequent this place and you’ll see them a lot. While sipping your beer, reminisce on the 80s music that fill the air. Yup, [...]