Sunday, December 4th, 2022

Dave & Busters is one of those all-in-one entertainment places where singles with friends, couples on their own, and families with kids can all have a great time! There is of course dining and drinks, with hot and fresh food (like wings and chicken strips!) and ice cold drinks that will please everyone in your [...]

Red Ox Tavern has that rustic, dark decor that makes it worthy of being called a tavern! We love it. Lots of cherry wood and and stone. We love stopping in here to watch the games when we’re in Utica, and we would highly recommend the big juicy hamburgers and the perfectly cooked pork chops. [...]

Shamrock Irish Pub may not have the most memorable name in the world, but once you’ve visited you will never forget this place. It is an excellent bar with really low food and drink prices, and the great news is that those drinks are still very strong and never watered down! They’ve been around since [...]

When you arrive, you’ll get drumsticks- and you would be encouraged to stand on the chair and make some “fun” by banging it on anything. Anything does not mean the place’s lights or the waitress’ head, ok? Last time I was there, a birthday celebrator was “embarrassed” by being called on to sing. Thank heavens [...]

First floor: the bar itself, main dining room, air hockey and some arcade games. For Big Game nights, the LCD TVs remain to be the most popular articles in the whole establishment. Second floor: another bar (main), and if you want to relax, a lounge that actually has a fireplace. There are pool tables for [...]

During the Big game nights, your adrenaline level will pump up to its maximum level. More than a few video screens, from small TVs to big projections. The good thing with this place: regardless of your table, you can see at least one screen. The decor of Hatchy’s is the jerseys of players and even [...]

Teddys Times Square in Utica has a nice and modern decor, which is surprising since its located inside a strip mall where you wouldnt usually expect to find a bar. They have plenty of seating and a large bar with plenty of space to order drinks. They have a small area to dance [...]