Sunday, December 4th, 2022

Big Dog Sports Bar & Eatery is one of the premier sports bars in Warren. They’ve got awesome food, outstanding service, and most of all those really low prices that keep you coming back time after time. They’ve got perhaps the best slow cooked wood smoked barbecue around, but the menu isn’t very extensive. Just [...]

Joe Suds is an really fun sports bar located on 13 Mile Road in Warren, between Arlinton Manor Apartments and Bradner Drive. Very easy to find. The drinks are nice and cheap and the food is hot and tasty! It’s been called “the best local watering hole in town,” and they’re always packed with happy [...]

This is quite small, and it’s no wonder that a lot of times, it gets packed like a can of sardines. They have a DJ (good news) but I was not exactly impressed with his work. They have a dance floor if you want to show off your groovy moves to strangers. Beers are affordable [...]

They have a beer pong table, a dance arena, pool, darts, and take note- purportedly, they have a bartender who is capable of that fire-breathing act. (He’s probably absent when I last came in.) In this bar, you get to enjoy an Open Mike night, which is different from their karaoke night. For their game [...]

This grill-cum-bar establishment specializes in excellent and affordable cuisine. Regardless whether you want to experiment with something “new” or just want to get the old regular meals, you’ll get your fill at Lime Light. Since it is also a bar, you get what a discerning patron wants- all of these: karaoke (Wed-Fri), Saturday DJ’s, a [...]

This is one of the best bars I’ve seen in recent memory (and I’ve gone to a lot). You get sufficient parking, good prices and even good foods. On Mondays, get the one-dollar domestic beers (up to seven only), and experience the Happy Hour on Tuesdays thru Fridays. The draft selection is not really good, [...]

Live music to keep you swaying, good food to keep you satiated, and drink specials to keep your wallet/purse…well, swaying too (out of contentment). If all of these do not impress you, why not join the karaoke on Wednesdays? They also have DJs to pump up the crowd to dance, sing, whatever. Every once in [...]

They have this sample taster and it’s absolutely cool, for less than fifteen dollars, you get this card and you could note the beers you want to try on. (You can bring it home, the card, not the beers). The place has mustard and free pretzels, but for those who do not drink beer, the [...]

In the main, this is populated by the area’s many regulars, but if you are a visitor to Warren, don’t worry- they are friendly enough. The staff of the bar are friendly and respectful. Food is good, the prices are even better. On selected days, they hold the karaoke for the Jordin Sparks wannabes. You [...]

The Shantie lounge is open for business all days of the week, and it offers the main burgers and bar foods. Unlike other establishments, this one offers meals from breakfast to dinner. Enjoy the drinks while listening to the DJ make commentaries, and if you want to stretch your legs, dancing will be good. How [...]