Sunday, December 4th, 2022

Whether you’ve had sixteen problems all at once in the office or it’s a lazy day-off, McGeady’s is a good stop for some chips and some booze. Vid games and keno entertain multitudes of customers, but for those who do not care about these games, chances are, they will care if their current NBA idol [...]

This is supposedly a Mexican restaurant, but they are not the genuine Mexican- imagine a Taco Bell that has become more upscale. They do have a full bar, and in the standards of a bar-within-a-restaurant, I’d have to say that it is good enough. Reasonable prices will assure that they would not lack guests, even [...]

This is a dining place in a farming zone, so you would not expect such exceptional foods, and that was what I thought before my first visit to Frog Leg. It was such a wonderful meal that on the second visit, I brought my whole gang (we were 11 I think, and half of the [...]

This is a great sports bar to go to to watch the game or grab a bite to eat. They feature TVs and many tables for seating. They serve sppetizers, sandwiches, burgers, salads, and seafood. The food is both good an inexpensive. This is one of the few bars in the [...]

This is a bar that has plenty of food to choose from even a menu with lots of fresh fish. Their wings are very good as well as their bbq ribs. The drink prices are average for the area. They also have a kids and a dessert menu available. They serve [...]

This is a sports bar, and well, beer is beer. TVs are TVs and dart boards are that, when you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all. However, there is a special thing going for this pizza place, they are creative when it comes to games. Their hellfire wings were used in a contest (not in [...]