Sunday, December 4th, 2022

Berkley Front is a favorite amongst beer lovers because they’ve got a wide selection of hard to find bottled beers. The atmosphere is very cool and relaxed, and they’ve got great service provided by a very friendly staff. It’ll remind you of the good old days when a bar was a real bar… when customer [...]

O’Mara’s is a great restaurant with delicious American and Italian fare, and also a great Irish pub style that you’ve got to love. We always go for the sandwiches and steaks, and those go very nicely with an icy cold beer! They’ve got a wonderful Easter brunch that we always make sure to attend, and [...]

Twenty Four Seconds, or 24 Seconds, is on a quest to become your favorite sports bar and they are doing a very good job. Something about the name suggests a lame chain operation, but instead you’ll find a refreshingly cool place with great service and delicious food! They’ve got tons of televisions so you can [...]

The Blarney Stone Pub promises you two things: very cheap beers (good news) and an incredible amount of nicotine smoke (it’s good or bad news depending on who you are). Not being a Michigan resident, I do not know all the local spots, but this bar is OK for me. Alcohol is flowing and the [...]