Sunday, December 4th, 2022

Tavern On the Main in Clawson is located on South Main Street between West Tacoma Street and Madison Avenue. This is one of the more upscale bars in the area, known for their delicious hamburgers and tasty sides, especially the mac and cheese wedges! The burgers are unbelievably juicy, and they pair very well with [...]

Black Lotus Brewing Company on East 14 Mile near Church Avenue is one of our favorite places to go with friends for a great time, some great beers, and some really fantastic food. The prices have gotten lower since you visited last, which is a major plus! The staff is always uber friendly with us, [...]

It used to be called the Ted’s Pub, but only the name has changed. The ambience, staff and the menu remained the same. The focus is on alcohol than the restaurant aspect of the place. Ordinarily, this is an ideal place to be with friends, even if not all of you are drinkers. Moose is [...]