Sunday, December 4th, 2022

Gracie’s Underground in Ferndale is a whole different animal than the one you may be familiar with in Royal Oak. The bands that play here have a very eclectic feel to them, with sounds that range from the best of the eighties to funky sixties lounge style. The martinis are absolutely fantastic and we highly [...]

Looking for an awesome pub in the Ferndale area? Sneakers Pub is your spot. They’ve got tons of TVs around the establishment so you can catch all the big games, and with all those great pub food selections you will definitely be able to fill up and stay satisfied. The beer is always perfectly poured [...]

Rosie O’Grady’s is just an awesome place to stop in for a great burger and some drinks! The menu is pretty extensive with all your bar faves and some special surprises, and the drinks are without fail mixed perfectly and poured just right! Their beer selection is a good wide one, and they’ve got great [...]

You can’t beat the location of Soho, on West 9 Mile Road between Allen Road and Woodward Avenue. Right in the middle of our beloved Ferndale. As the name suggests, the decor and vibe is very hip and trendy. You may expect that it’s all about the look here, but there is substance too. Great [...]

The inside is awesome- among other things, you’ll get to see their version of the Garden of Eden. Men can just come in clad in jeans, if it’s a fancier night, putting on a tie will serve. Women are usually in club wear or jeans, no need to be too fancy. They have two bars- [...]

From all respects, this place is an A-list lounge bar. After having gone to this place at least five times, I will assert that this is the watering hole that impresses me the most, from all of Ferndale. Consider all of the following: no less than fifty specialty drinks, monitors for game-watching, and the presence [...]

Are you sick and tired of that kind of bar that is jampacked ANY hour at any day you go? Well, the Bosco is a good alternative. While there will always be times when you’d have to clash elbows with the multitudes, there are a lot of times where you can find a good unoccupied [...]

*this bar has been closed and reopened under the name eden*

Fridays are the favorite of so many regulars of Posh, and why not? On Saturdays, expect to be charged (cover) with ten bucks, but on Fridays, there is none. The dress code is simply Casual Chic- whatever you envision it to be. Average drink costs [...]

It’s not exactly a very new place, and nothing in their ways is exactly novel, but I will recommend the place. Wood panelled walls and well-done floors, this club is a no-nonsense venue that allows musicians to show off their talents. If you want a good Saturday brunch, they’ll provide it alongside a Bloody Mary. [...]

It’s one of the bigger bars of Ferndale, and in all the times I went there, I just had to wait to be seated just once. Their crab benedict is glorious, to use the adjective loosely (try it at once on your first visit). Some of the bar’s offerings are Bloody Marys and bottomless mimosas- [...]