Sunday, December 4th, 2022

You don’t have to be a bachelor to appreciate Bachelor’s One! This great little bar has some of the very best bar food in the Keego Harbor area. Their ribs are so tender that they absolutely fall right off the bone, and their burgers are so juicy and thick! Fabulous steaks too, and lots of [...]

Brewhaus. The name may suggest an upscale brewery, but in actuality this one is just a really great little dive bar! There’s not much on the menu, but it’s all delicious bar fare, and the beers are ice cold and incredibly cheap! Happy Hour makes it even easier on your wallet, and they’ve also got [...]

There are excellent bars and there are the “others”. This watering hole clearly lies in the former, proved when the Detroit Free Press named it Restaurant of the Year. The offerings include creative salads and appetizers. The bar is no slouch either, you get six-dollar martinis on Thursdays and happy hour treats. The range of [...]

If you are in the mood to get some steak or delicious seafoods, try out this venue. Their seafood selection is impressive, to say the least. Specials are perch and the crab legs, among others. Every entree is below forty dollars, which is not actually a bad deal, even if we consider these financial times. [...]