Sunday, December 4th, 2022

The Rack Room Restaurant & Lounge is a fairly new establishment in Milford that blends a sophisticated restaurant with a comfortable bar. The decor is reminiscent of a cabin up north, and it’s all lit with candles to give it an authentic glow. You’ll want to sink into the comfy furnishings and never go home! [...]

Some might say that this is a high-end establishment, pertaining to costs, but actually, the average entree goes to just five dollars. Ambiance is swanky, but since that is hard to exactly define, let me put it this way- “romantic but on the fun side”. Good drinks in here and they are also priced reasonably [...]

Offering an American cuisine, you are expected to come in here donned in business casual, which I take to mean- does not include jeans that look like they’ve been played with by a TRex. The wine list is ok but not spectacular, but in fairness, the roster is respectable (both French and California). The food [...]

The offerings here are American cuisine, but they also have club sandwiches, seafood entres, steaks, and others. Drinks are ok but nothing exceptional comes to mind. No reservations policy, so if you arrive and the House is full, have the patience to wait awhile. Bands come to play on Fridays and Saturdays, but do not [...]

The Wine Bar is found in Milford territory this bar is not your ordinary kind of watering hole. Yes, they have the usual bar food, a good selection of drinks, and the ambience for relaxation. What makes it apart from the rest is this: they have wine-tasting events and even wine classes if you want [...]

If you want the standard treats, they have them: sandwiches, burgers and wings. The place’s dance floor is swinging all the time, but if dancing is not your thing, you can just sit down and relax. Watch a band perform (weekends). They have a patio which is a good hangout section during hot days. The [...]