Sunday, December 4th, 2022

There’s no need to travel as far as Bora Bora for some hookah, when you can just head over to Bora Bora Bistro in Novi! It’s located conveniently on Main Street between Novi Road and Potomac, The drink prices are very cheap and yet they’re stiff and strong just the way you like them! There’s [...]

Gatsby’s is a cool little hole in the wall bar where you can enjoy delicious drinks and food at a price that won’t break the bank! They’ve got your favorite keno game here, so you can possibly win back a little of that money that you’ve spent on your drinks and food! On Tuesdays they’ve [...]

Lakeview Bar & Grill of Novi is our favorite for delicious juicy meaty steaks and thick delicious hamburgers that taste like homemade! This restaurant has been in business as long as we can remember, and we can’t imagine Novi without it! Something that you may not expect to be top notch is the grilled chicken [...]

Leo’s Sports Bar & Grill is almost as big of a hit because of its food as it is for its drinks and good times! They’ve got the most delicious pizza in town, completely handmade and fresh, and amazing pork chops that you’d expect to find at an upscale restaurant. The decor here is very [...]

As we’ve mentioned on the other Bar Louie descriptions, all of their locations are excellent. The Novi location serves up the same jumbo martinis and oversized sandwiches that make the other ones a hit, plus that familiar atmosphere that we just can’t get enough of. Tuesday nights bring one buck burgers and half price appetizers, [...]

The Grapevine of Novi, located on Main Street between Novi Road and Potomac, is a very cool little bistro that’s very focused on its wonderful wine selection. Despite having some of the best wines in the area, they also manage to serve up some of the very best food! Many wine bars are severely lacking [...]

Royal Oak Brewery is just a little off of Main Street, on East 4th Street between South Troy Street and Williams Street. Though the name highlights their delicious brews, you should also take note of the food menu here, because their offerings are really fantastic. All of the appetizers are mouth watering! The flat bread [...]

What can be said about Hooters that you don’t already know? The Novi location is one of our personal favorites, because of the hot waitresses and of course those delicious wings. There’s much more to the Hooters menu than just the wings though. Be sure to try their salads and appetizers, both are always a [...]

O’Toole’s of Novi is an American sports bar that offers a comfortable laid back atmosphere and the kind of great service that you have not enjoyed in quite some time. There’s lots to do here, from the typical darts and pool, to bull riding and Golden Tee golf! You can’t beat the twenty-five cent wings [...]

If you are used to going to bars that have a No Dress Code policy, you need to know this- this bar is quite strict. The following are no-no’s: hats, athletic wear and sneakers. The DJs dish out any of the following: disco, eighties music, top 40, rock, and techno. There is a dance floor [...]