Tuesday, July 16th, 2019

Lakeview Bar & Grill



Lakeview Bar & Grill of Novi is our favorite for delicious juicy meaty steaks and thick delicious hamburgers that taste like homemade! This restaurant has been in business as long as we can remember, and we can’t imagine Novi without it! Something that you may not expect to be top notch is the grilled chicken breast, but it is so flavorful and juicy you’ll wonder how they did it. There are video games and a jukebox to keep you and the kids occupied while you’re waiting for your meal to come out. You will find this one on 13 Mile Road between Old Novi Road and 13 Mile Road.

Lakeview Bar & Grill
43393 13 Mile Road
Novi, MI 48377-2027
(248) 624-2800

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