Sunday, December 4th, 2022

King Brewing Company is a cozy brewery in Pontiac, on Oakland Avenue between Orlando Avenue and Pensacola Avenue. They’ve got a tap room in the front and live entertainment keeping people on their feet in the back. There are more than a dozen beers on tap including a delicious oatmeal stout, a great Belgian one, [...]

Bo’s Brewery & Bistro has gotten consistently high reviews from everyone who visits, and they have been busy pleasing customers since at least 2002, maybe longer. It’s become a smokehouse style grill and bar, and we’re not complaining! The food here is truly delicious with that smoky barbecue flavor that you crave, and the drink [...]

This watering hole is made of 3 sections: the dark room (sounds ominous to one hearing it for the first time), the dance section and the kitchen. The kitchen is in charge of giving all the patrons all of the Mexican fare, ribs and burgers they can possibly consume. If you want to dance the [...]

The place has 3 levels, and the ambience is quite upscale. Have you ever seen a bartender stop his work, clear off his bar and do a 2-step? You’ll see it here and not just that, their steaks are renowned, and I do not use the adjective loosely. Your Mastercard or Visa will be accepted [...]

On Saturdays, WHTD-FM hosts the place, and even if you don’t know them, you would be contented hanging out in this place. Elaborate architecture which is a refreshing change from those seedy bars that look like they were built from carton boxes. Multiple bars will assure you that even if the place is jampacked, you [...]

Don’t be fooled by the building, it may look like a church but the inside is a club. If you don’t care about the quality of beer for as long as the music is there, then you might want to try out Clutch Cargo’s. Bands appearing here are good, but not all of them [...]

The average drink here at Tonic is about six bucks, and prepare to come in dressed in club wear. It is clearly a music place, consider the styles you will find- hiphop, electronica, top 40, rock, and others. DJs are present to rock the House and to keep all of you awake. Their main floor [...]

If you want the no-cover charge establishment, sorry, Tiki Bobs it is not. They charge anything from five to fifteen dollars- depends on many factors (age or the day). The dress code is one step up from Anything, you are supposed to be in casual-trendy. Besides being a watering hole, this is the kind of [...]

If you hate those really cramped clubs, then check out Sevin and you’ll breathe a sigh of relief. Two floors, this is also a dance club where you can meet other dancing aficionados. Go to the outside deck if you want some fresh air, but if not, enjoy the live bands that usually perform. They [...]

If you will speak to the locals, they will assure you that Mill Street Grille is not your ordinary neighborhood watering hole. A great set of ribs, pasta, salads and soups that you can choose from. Are you sick and tired of a bar that only has four brands of beers and nothing more? In [...]