Sunday, December 4th, 2022

Little Tree Sushi Bar is nothing short of incredible. We’ve dined at just about every sushi establishment in Southeast Michigan, and this is one of our top picks. They actually have a three-tiered menu, with one tier representing sushi and Japanese food, one tier representing Thai food, and one tier representing Filipino food. There are [...]

Green Lantern Pizzeria is well known in Royal Oak for its mouth watering pizzas! We just never seem to grow tired of this place. The perfect pizza is partially defined by the crust, partially by the sauce, and partially by the cheese and toppings, and we can assure you that Green Lantern really gets them [...]

Four Green Fields is rumored to have the best selection of beer in Michigan! It is definitely one of the top contenders in our experience. You’ll find that the prices at happy hour are more than adequate to help you save a few bucks, and that means that you can enjoy even more of their [...]

Rock On 3rd is a cool spot in Royal Oak (on East 3rd Street of course, between South Main Street and Williams Street) where you can enjoy really delicious piping hot pizza, a great drink selection, and excellent service. The prices are pretty moderate considering their location in downtown Royal Oak, and since they’ve got [...]

Ye Olde Saloon is located on South Main Street between Harrison Avenue and West Hudson Avenue, and they’ve got new management so if you haven’t stopped in for a while, be sure to give them another try. The food is really delicious, and the service is top notch. They call this one a dive bar, [...]

Gusoline Alley is a biker bar in Royal Oak, located on South Center Street between West 4th and West 3rd. But you don’t have to be a biker to appreciate the cool atmosphere here! It’s not spacious by any means, but just the right size if you ask us. The drinks are nice and cheap [...]

Red Coat Tavern is a staple of the Royal Oak pub scene, located conveniently on Woodward in a prime spot. There are few burgers that can hold a candle to a Red Coat burger! This also happens to be one of the few places in the area where you can get Scotch Eggs, so if [...]

Bastone Brewery is located directly on South Main Street, in between East 5th Street and East 4th Street. It’s easy to find, and you’ll never want to leave! This awesome brewery is known for its chill laid back atmosphere, and that casual romantic atmosphere that is perfect for first dates and long-term anniversaries alike. The [...]

If you go on the second floor its more like a club. It has a dance floor and pool tables. When it’s warm out they have a nice rooftop patio with plenty of tables and a great view.
In more ways than one, I was put out by the place. First, right upon entering, [...]

Here’s the bad news: this is not a romantic place where you will ask the Big Question to your boy/girlfriend. The mixed drinks are not strong, and the wine list leaves a lot to be desired. The good news now: the food is superb. The appetizers (BBQ shrimp, tacos) are well-prepared, and their dishes include [...]