Sunday, December 4th, 2022

Alibi of Troy is perhaps best known for their perfectly crafted thin crust pizza! It’s won awards, and it’s not difficult to see why. The toppings are the showcase, really packed with flavor, and this is truly some of the best pizza we have ever tasted. The drink prices at Alibi are relatively cheap depending [...]

Big Beaver Tavern is one of the more romantic (yet rustic!) spots in Troy. If you are taking your long-term sweetheart out on a special date, this is a very nice choice. You may have known this place when it was called Larco’s, but it’s a whole new incarnation now with a very unique flavor [...]

Picano’s Restaurant & Lounge is one of the best places to get a delicious homecooked meal in the Troy area! If you’ve been searching for wonderful Italian food in Metro Detroit, your search is officially over. This is authentic, and true fine dining at its best. We really love the baked spaghetti which is packed [...]

Bailey’s Pub & Grill is located very conveniently in Troy, on West Maple Road right between Maplelawn Drive and Thorncroft Drive. They’ve always got a very attentive staff working behind the bar and waiting on tables, and when you combine that friendly atmosphere with the great low prices, you realize you’ve got a really winning [...]

That classic line of the 80s movie: “if you build it, they will come”? Well, I sure came to this place and found it OK, just ok. Prices are ok and nothing feels fake in the ambience, although that must be a relative statement. If you order sour mix, you might get disappointed, so stick [...]

A good location on Big Night game while you eat chicken wings. Ideal times to go there is Tue or Thu, the specials are worth the effort. The problem is, the last time I was there, I waited for half an hour for my food, they should bring in more workers. Their beer is good [...]

This cabin-like dining haven is all wood, and sure, they have a fireplace. Ambience is most definitely cozy, and if the ambience does not impress you, the food will. Entrees include all of the following: beef, venison, duck, elk, and buffalo. A satisfying selection of beers to choose from, if all you need is a [...]

With a range of $9 to 15$, you can truly enjoy yourself in Shields. One of the longest-standing bars in the area, it has been a renowned spot since 1937. Up to now, they still come up with the great pizza. Aside from that, other foods in this restaurant-bar have been enticing both residents and [...]

On my first visit to Kools, the cute waitress warned me that just a bit of the “mild” sauce was still hot. Good that I was warned, for I saw some other patrons turning red and looking as though experiencing cardiac arrest. The fries are good, well-done and priced reasonably. A lot of TVs in [...]