Sunday, December 4th, 2022

Mr Big Sports Bar is a cool little sports bar located on Elizabeth Lake Road in Waterford, between South Roslyn Road and Ascot Avenue. It’s all about rock and roll and sports here, just as a sports bar should be. It’s got that dark vibe that most old fashioned dive bars have, thanks for no [...]

Irish Tavern is one of our favorite pubs in Waterford. It makes a great after-work stop, due to the relaxing Irish pub atmosphere and the very low drink prices! The food is always delicious here, with all your Irish and American favorites, and it’s all served by a staff who really puts in the extra [...]

Crescent Lake Inn, or CLI as it’s known to many Waterford locals, is a really great bar with a beautiful view of the lake. They’ve always got the best live bands providing the soundtrack for your weekend, and they let you get in on the act Sunday thru Thursday with karaoke! The food is fantastic, [...]

Heroes Bar-BQ & Brew, for many people, is Waterford’s version of Cheers! The staff always remembers everybody’s names and welcomes the regulars and newbies alike. If you love clam chowder and have been looking for a place that makes it just right, this is the best we’ve ever had! Delicious plank white fish and baked [...]

Kennedy’s Irish Pub is a wonderful bar reminiscent of the authentic pubs back in Ireland. They’ve got excellent Irish food, plus all your American favorites including sandwiches, soups, burgers, salads, and much more. They’ve got an outstanding beer selection and it’s always served ice cold just like it should be. Many have called this their [...]

Coach’s Olympia Grill is all about delicious hamburgers and large portions! They’ve got delicious grilled chicken strips that are a hit with everyone. You really won’t believe the portions that you get for such a low low price! The drinks are very cheap too, and yet good and strong just the way you like them. [...]

This is a good spot for many occasions, and maybe one reason for this place’s popularity is that the owner holds a reputation for being community-works minded. Staff here is excellent, and I’ve never had any reason to complain. A lot of specials in the House, and a cool ambience that sets the mood for [...]

If they think the misspelling of the “time” is cute, they are wrong. Oh well, it’s just a name. There are those who are picky eaters, and this bar is for them. Their pizza is well-prepared with very good ingredients, and even their bread sticks are better than those I’ve been having in other places. [...]