Sunday, December 4th, 2022

The first good thing about this place is that they have an ATM machine within the premises. They have four pool tables if you aim to become a master or even if not, it is so easy to find someone to play with. The place also have the four dart boards and the most crucial [...]

The bar in this restaurant holds its Happy Hour from 2 to 5pm, but it is my conjecture that this is the kind of watering hole which is most famous for one thing: being rented. Space from this place can be reserved/rented for any of the following: Christmas affair, reunions, sports team celebrations, birthdays, wedding [...]

Ambience is comfy, food is good, and the service is top-class. The bar has the popular brands, but it is fair to say that the regulars go here more for the food than for the alcohol. I would not blame them, the creative menu shows a wide array of choices. At the bar, can you [...]

You get no less than ten TVs to occupy you during a big game (or even a lousy game for that matter, for as long as it’s your sport). A large patio outside if you want to get some fresh air. This bar even has NTN trivia, get a chance to show off your mettle! [...]

Situated in the heart of downtown, this bar is the ideal location for a get-together with friends. The bar has no less than 36 beers (tap) from all over the globe. They also give a full-service menu (all 3 meals) and it is no small accomplishment that they are known for having the best fish/chips [...]