Sunday, December 4th, 2022

They have live entertainment for those whose idea of fun is simply watching with a beer in one hand, a cigar at the other. For others, they get the chance when the band calls in the crowd to join them in dancing, they can then strut and gyrate to their hearts’ content. Typical high-level energy [...]

Well, this is a very typical pub, so there we have all of the following: pizza, sandwiches, soups, appetizers, and others. Parking for your car is on-site, or if you cannot find a space, there are nearby slots. Full bar for this watering hole, so you at least get to choose from a good list [...]

On Mondays through Thursdays, their pool league remains active and not just that, they also have a (soft tip) league for darts. Even if you do not belong to the league, you can use any of the 2 pool tables in the House. After downing a couple of beers, you might want to catch up [...]

It is a restaurant-cum-bar whose prices you will not fault. After a heavy day of shopping or a crazy day at work, this is a good unwinding spot. Here are the upsides: the location is superb, they have live entertainment, and some unusual menu articles. The downside is- guys, come on, invest in some (more) [...]

Do I recommend this as an everyday hangout place? No, unless you live nearby and you are truly rich. Do I recommend this for one or two visits with the gang? Sure, they have a good staff (none of those waitresses bombarding you with sob stories) and a good set of booze. Prices are ok, [...]

This place is divided in two: main area and the pub section that connects to the main doors. Good selection of beers at mid-range costs. The food is just ok- their costly steaks however, leaves something to be desired. They have this stable section, but no, there is no smell of horses, thank God. All [...]