Sunday, December 4th, 2022

The popular fare in this bar are Irish stew and their corned beef/cabbage. They serve these from noontime, while the draft specials keep on going. There are usually 5 bands performing, so it’s live music galore for entertainment. Guests that have already graced the stage were Ceili Band, Aiden Ward and Pat Woods. Not too [...]

This is absolutely in my top 3 restaurants with bars, as far as Grand Rapids is concerned. Wine list is astounding, which in my book is still above “exceptional”. The pasta and risotto are well-done, and the establishment’s spinach salad is renowned. This place even does a charity wine tasting. The banquet service is very [...]

Ever since 1927, this has been providing good-priced meals. The burgers are always present and this what I suggest you try on your first visit: Cottage burger that has mayonnaise, cheese, bacon, tomatos, lettuce and olives. Have you ever heard of the 4-alarm chili? You’ll find out when you visit, but here’s more- the restaurant [...]

Decor is simple yet nice, the service is acceptable but what I’ll give props for is the food. The portions given are more than satisfactory and not just that, they have good martinis to quench your thirst. Try their mozz salad and basil while you are having bonding moments with your friends. A good spot [...]

If you want good food that is quite affordable (that is different from cheap), go to this bar. They have wonderful steaks that are served the way you want it, and of course, the drinks are good. A unique (hmm, maybe the word is ‘rare’) facet of this place is that they have a laudable [...]

Here, you will not run out of options for your nightlife. Among the popular destinations are Crush (it’s a club) and Dr Grins. From what I have observed, the restaurants are just about average and a few are too expensive. Since it is the bar we are after here, the Crush is recommended – good [...]

This watering hole has experienced changes in ownership and names, but one thing is constant- it has always been a favorite hangout place of so many locals. Each night is an experience of live music- reggae, folk, rock, R&B, and even jazz. The blues come in on Friday and Saturday evenings. The ambience is retro, [...]

Good food, and a wide array of alcoholic drinks to choose from. It will serve well as a romantic date venue, or just a simple gathering with friends. This bar almost always fills up at around ten, and this is not necessarily a bad thing. The staff is accommodating when it comes to recommendations on [...]