Sunday, December 4th, 2022

As far as I’m concerned, more than the entertainment or the ambience, it’s the Plate specials that will keep me going back to 8th Street. Yes, the drinks are good, but listen to the specials: on Mondays, get the Roast Turkey sandwich with veggies for $8 (I’m rounding off all numbers). Tuesdays- get Grilled Pork [...]

Prime ribs are good, and the bread rolls are even better (at least for me). The ambience is dictated by the sound of hooves but all told, a laid-back atmosphere. Here is the funny (amusing) thing in this establishment- patrons would leave dollar bills onto the booths’ walls- held by thumbtacks. (No, I don’t think [...]

This is not the Ritz, but this hotel holds its own glamour and loyal core of regulars. The establishment has all of the following : business center, a restaurant, and a fitness section. The best thing is that they do have a full bar- nothing fancy but it serves my purpose of unwinding. Good ambience [...]