Thursday, October 18th, 2018

Jiggers Bar & Grill****closed****



Jiggers Bar & Grill is a cool little dive bar in Ira and it just happens to be the home of the famous Jigger Burger. They’ve got great service provided by an attentive waitstaff who always double checks to make sure your meal and drinks are perfect. They’ve also often got great live entertainment. Note that they are usually packed, so if you’re in a big rush you’ll want to get there a little early! It’s tough to keep the crowds away from the spots that are known to be so good! You can find Jiggers on Dixie Highway near the intersection with Oceanside Drive.

Jiggers Bar & Grill
8367 Dixie Highway
Ira, MI 48023-2550
(586) 725-4644

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