Sunday, December 4th, 2022

This pub not only has karaoke as part of the entertainment, they have Extreme Karaoke. That is, get 12,000 songs to select from- extreme indeed. Besides this, they also have the mainstream specials, here is a couple. F?irst, Wednesdays mean $2.25 Well Drinks and $9 for one-topping pizzas. Fridays on the other hand, will allow [...]

This place has a full-service bar, and they have port selections, bourbon, single malt, and scotch. I am not a lover of Indian foods, but I’ll be coming back here simply because of the good drinks. Unlike other bars, Saffron offers wines by both glass and bottles. Good thing that they have an in-house expert, [...]

In terms of giving specials in drinks, this pub must be one of the busiest. Ladies Night is on Tuesday, while the $3 U-CALL-IT special happens on Wednesdays. This involves single shot drinks, bottled and draft beer. The Thursday is for us gentlemen, the Poor Man’s Night. While I think they can change the name [...]

Atmosphere in this bar is fun, and this is definitely a music-oriented place. Good food, and their microbrew is actually better than the regular beers. Steaks and burgers as expected for those who want to satisfy their hunger. The prices are ok, but when the place jumps (population inside), it is no longer ok. I [...]

It’s a dueling piano bar that gives good food. While it is true that piano bars are on the side of the upscale side of the bar industry, you don’t need to be in Forbes Wealthiest 500 to be here. The operation hours vary and the meals served are just for dinner and pre-theater. Smoking [...]

In this watering hole, they have two good enticements: first is a private room for exclusive parties (up to

This place has a great patio t hang out on. This patio is supposedly the largest in Kalamazoo, and when I saw it, I think I believed it. I felt like I could have a basketball court [...]

As far as Kalamazoo territory is concerned, this place offers a special dining experience to families and individuals. Some of the offerings feature tastes from way back, and I mean back (19th century Europe). Are you tired of the dive bars with the music flooding the deepest recesses of your ears? Enjoy some peace and [...]

The average entree here costs around $7, so it’s really no big deal. The specialties of the House are their soups, salads and Spanish appetizers. When you are done with the drinks and you are feeling tipsy, get up on your feet by taking in their wonderful coffee. Service is efficient and polite, which was [...]

They serve complimentary risotto and fries, and not just that, sometimes they dish out chocolate truffles too. (Hey, this is not an everyday thing, I heard it is a promo or something). The ambience is nothing spectacular however, I’ve seen more exotic atmospheres in dozens of other watering holes. Their Sunday “One dollar Over Cost” [...]

The interior is quite bright with so many windows you would feel either impressed or intimidated. Prices are average, and you would not hesitate ordering some of the place’s hash browns. Really, these are among the renowned offerings of this place. Drinks are good, but since I am a caffeine addict, I have to say [...]