Sunday, December 4th, 2022

Kitty-corner from Oldsmobile Park, this is one of the area’s most popular sports bars. It has more than a dozen panels, and if the game is worth watching, then it will be onscreen. However, it’s not just that, Nuthouse has gameday specials. They have $3 domestic schooners, $2 (2) hotdogs and 2 chili dogs for [...]

This bar opens its business at 3pm and closes at 2am. The early shows are for all age brackets, but door times differ. You’d have to check the calendar (they have a website) to be sure, that or call the landline. The night shows are naturally for those 18 and above, door opens at 9pm. [...]

At first impressions, the place does not look so alluring. Inside though, it is not half-bad. Ambience is: old leather booths, dusty lighting, you know, the old feeling. The first time I went there, about five to six locals were arguing back and forth regarding how Obama has been doing. Service is good, and the [...]

This bar is just typical, without any outstanding facet. The food is quite good, but that is something I expect to be a given, and not an achievement. The interesting thing is: this place is frequented by so many lobbyists. If you live in Washington (the DC), you’ll be at home here. Prices are reasonable, [...]

In the tradition of live music in this part of the state, this establishment is a must-go-see for first-timers. Good food and the service is professional. Ambience is relaxed, but you would not be relaxed when you jump to your feet to dance. The live bands showcase their skills six nights in a week. Definitely [...]

Not only do they have a full bar, but they have twenty-seven various beers on tap. The emphasis is on the Michigan micro-brews that get rotated regularly. On Tuesdays, they have live bands, and if you love singing while drinking, karaoke happens from Thursdays to Saturdays. Here is the best part (to many at least), [...]

The last time I went there, it was for a Sunday brunch. The decor’s motif is an old train depot. Food here is good, and don’t be surprised if you pay more for the juices than the foods you [...]

This place serves both lunch and dinner, and if you want to go here, reservations are “recommended”- whatever the management means by it. A full bar promises a good array of liquors/beers- but if your brand happens to be absent in the House, don’t aggravate yourself. Get your cigarette and light up, it’s a free-smoking [...]

Principally known as a dueling piano bar, it is a popular venue. No wonder, those who want to gyrate can simply go to the dance floor, while there are those who would just want to watch the dueling pianos. A perfect place for some casual chitchat with your date. Dressed in business casual, shell out [...]