Sunday, December 4th, 2022

This place is situated in the Mackinac Bay Trading Co. Shopping Center, and the decorations of the restaurant-bar have been adapted to jive with the building. Every table and chair was handcrafted, and the bar is now a famous spot for travellers. It is not just alcohol that they serve, but also some sodas and [...]

This is a popular tourist haven in Mackinaw territory. The menu consists of burgers, ribs and steaks. If assertions are to be believed (I am reserving judgement), this has the biggest bar in all of Mackinaw City, but hey, I for one don’t care if they have the smallest. The place offers live entertainment during [...]

Place where you can fill your stomach with jams and breads- be it for lunch or breakfast. There are basically two rooms in here, the Chippewa Room is for the more formal dinner events. The service is fast and efficient, and you’ll get specials and selections, and lest you think there is no alcoholic beverage, [...]