Sunday, December 4th, 2022

J. W. McNasty’s Saloon



J. W. McNasty’s Saloon, or just McNasty’s as it’s known to the regulars, is one of the best reasons to make the trek out to New Boston! It’s just a small corner bar with one pool table and a few video games, but there’s a large bar and plenty of seating, and you won’t find this atmosphere just anywhere! This is a good old fashioned bar the way it should be! Our favorite thing on the menu is the deep fried pickles! If you haven’t tried that delicacy yet, this is the best place to try your first one. The burgers are generously sized and very juicy, always cooked perfectly to order. Very highly recommended! You can find McNasty’s on Waltz Road near the intersection with South Huron River Drive.

J. W. McNasty’s Saloon
19300 Waltz Road
New Boston, MI 48164-9538
(734) 753-4900

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