Wednesday, September 30th, 2020

Coach’s Olympia Grill is all about delicious hamburgers and large portions! They’ve got delicious grilled chicken strips that are a hit with everyone. You really won’t believe the portions that you get for such a low low price! The drinks are very cheap too, and yet good and strong just the way you like them. [...]

Kodiak Creek Inn makes you feel as if you’ve stepped into a cabin in the woods for a wonderful home cooked meal and some ice cold drinks. They serve a lot of wild game, which makes it even more authentic and more like a hunting lodge. Everything here is incredible, from the venison to the [...]

Liberty Street Brewing Company is a very cool hangout in Plymouth, located on West Liberty Street between Starkweather Street and North Mill Street. At the time that we visited they were waiting for their wine license, but were serving delicious microbrews that went perfeclty with our meals. It’s very nice here, yet still laid back [...]

Tavern On the Green overlooks the Copper Creek Golf Course, and as most restaurants near golf courses are, they are dedicated to serving golfers and regular diners alike a truly delicious meal. It’s a beautiful restaurant with very fine decor, and you will enjoy the views and the wonderful location. Many American favorites, steaks, and [...]

Rustic Pub. The name says it all. If you’re seeking one of those cabin-esque taverns that looks like it’s straight out of the fifties, this is your spot! The beers are inexpensive and the people are very welcoming even if you’re not a regular! They’ve got fun DJs and kararoke nights too. Wonderful bartenders who [...]

Gatsby’s is a cool little hole in the wall bar where you can enjoy delicious drinks and food at a price that won’t break the bank! They’ve got your favorite keno game here, so you can possibly win back a little of that money that you’ve spent on your drinks and food! On Tuesdays they’ve [...]

Wixom Bar is one of those simple bars that just gets everything right. There’s no need for pretense or egos in a place like this! It’s just a cozy corner bar where you can relax like it’s the good old days, with an ice cold beer and some fresh peanuts. There are always tons of [...]

Lakeview Bar & Grill of Novi is our favorite for delicious juicy meaty steaks and thick delicious hamburgers that taste like homemade! This restaurant has been in business as long as we can remember, and we can’t imagine Novi without it! Something that you may not expect to be top notch is the grilled chicken [...]

Shots Tavern is your place in Farmington Hills if you love karaoke and a great beer garden! Truly wonderful bartenders here who really put in extra work to make sure that you are comfortable and happy with your drinks. The ambiance is very cool and laid back, with nice decor and a relaxing vibe. The [...]

Max Dugan’s has recently come under new management and it’s one of the best places in Hazel Park to hang out with your friends and have a really good time. The staff is extremely friendly and welcoming to everyone, whether it’s your first visit or your hundredth. There’s plenty to do here, from karaoke to [...]