Sunday, December 4th, 2022

Fifth Quarter is a place that we like to stop in on Friday nights for cheap drinks and dancing. The crowds here are cool and fun, mostly college aged, and the kind that love to party hard and dance all night. The service is adequate and the look of the club is modern yet relaxed. [...]

Boogie Fever is one of the hottest dance spots in the Ferndale area! It’s very seventies- and eighties-centric, with the spinning disco ball and Saturday Night Fever dance floor. Extremely authentic! There is a cover charge, but this is one place that we definitely don’t mind forking it over because you get such a unique [...]

In the tradition of live music in this part of the state, this establishment is a must-go-see for first-timers. Good food and the service is professional. Ambience is relaxed, but you would not be relaxed when you jump to your feet to dance. The live bands showcase their skills six nights in a week. Definitely [...]

It is a 21+ watering hole that is right beside the Blind Pig, and here’s a bit of trivia: it was a cellar for a brewery during the pre-civil era. Nowadays, it is a bar where you get to listen to jazz, reggae or something else. Their dance floor could really get jam packed in [...]

This is multi-level club that has a bar, a dancfloor and one thing that sets it apart from the numerous other clubs: it has 2 main entrances. It actually allows the club to run as two independent businesses. This venue can be used for a multitude of functions: filming, retreats, lectures, class, conferences, meeting, corporate [...]

I will not say this is the best club in Detroit, but it sure is one of the better hangout places. Ordinarily, the patrons are dressed well, so it would be best if you don’t arrive in torn jeans. On the first level, they have VIP tables and a sufficiently-spaced dance floor. Assuming you want [...]

Some people assume it is just a dance club, they are wrong. You can just go this place to unwind by drinking and chatting with your pals. Enjoy the music of this venue- R&B, soul, funk, top 40, and naturally, pop. Definitely, not the place where you’d expect the truckers to come in, this is [...]

This is formally known as Wild Woody’s for those of you that remember. Talk about a very long reputation: this bar has been giving drinks and fun for more than a decade. It’s a pub for relaxation during the day, but it becomes a dancing arena by night. They serve soups, soul, and salads, [...]

While all the dancing and the live performance entertain the multitudes, the upscale menu and the specialty drinks are the number one enticement of Habitat. If you want a lunch buffet, go here anytime from 1130am to 2pm. Get 75c off the cold beers and $1.25 off on mixed drinks when you arrive during happy [...]

On Saturdays, WHTD-FM hosts the place, and even if you don’t know them, you would be contented hanging out in this place. Elaborate architecture which is a refreshing change from those seedy bars that look like they were built from carton boxes. Multiple bars will assure you that even if the place is jampacked, you [...]