Sunday, December 4th, 2022

Looking for a cheap little hole in the wall sports bar where you can down drinks and have a great time with your friends? Beaubien Street Saloon in Detroit fits the bill. People travel to this bar from as far as Ohio, which really tells you that it’s something special. It’s always packed with happy [...]

First the good news: the waitstaff here is professional and courteous, in other words- no attitude problems. The bad news: despite all good intentions and habits, if the place is jampacked, you may have a lot of waiting to do regarding the orders. (The only thing I can see to improve this is to hire [...]

This bar opens its business at 3pm and closes at 2am. The early shows are for all age brackets, but door times differ. You’d have to check the calendar (they have a website) to be sure, that or call the landline. The night shows are naturally for those 18 and above, door opens at 9pm. [...]

They have this sample taster and it’s absolutely cool, for less than fifteen dollars, you get this card and you could note the beers you want to try on. (You can bring it home, the card, not the beers). The place has mustard and free pretzels, but for those who do not drink beer, the [...]

This is definitely a beer place- enjoy their Happy Hour on Thursdays, Fridays and Sundays from 3 to 7pm where you get wells and domestic beers for just about $2. If you are not a beer person but a wine lover, they have that for three dollars (some of them). They put one-half off on [...]

Look at the daily specials of this place: All You can Eat Spaghetti for $5, All You can Eat Shrimp for about $14, and the All You can Eat Crablegs for about $29. They also have salads, sandwiches and burgers if you want the simpler ones. Drink specials are good in this bar, and you [...]

This bar, I would best describe it as “ho-hum”, and why so? I am a good player in pool and I love darts as well, this lounge does not have them. Yes, they have a jukebox, but it is not something I search for when I enter bars. Standard prices for the drinks, a respectable [...]

This is a low-key establishment that serves affordable drinks and the standard bar fare. You will be entertained by the karaoke, DJs and for the band rocker-wannabe, here’s news for you: on Wed evenings, you can lug your own instrument. Open sessions with other musicians- jam while you get drunk! Smoking is allowed, and if [...]

Not such a shabby place to meet new friends, and the drinks are ok. You can stay in the patio during hot days. The service is above average, which we cannot say for so many other bars in Dearborn (no need to name names). Games are the standard: darts and pool, and if you want [...]

After just a few weeks of patronizing this bar, you will soon realize that everybody knows your name. The burgers are ok, the beer are good (read: cold), but for a sports buff like me, the best are the TVs. The establishment serves both lunch and dinner, and the average drink price is three dollars. [...]