Sunday, December 4th, 2022

The live music happens from Thursday to Saturday, and the shows range from pop to rock. Yes, they also have comedy (no, I don’t think Rhod Gilbert goes here). Don’t fret over your car, parking is available on site. Casual chic is the dress code, and you can smoke all you want- it’s not one [...]

Happy hour for this place happens from 11am to 6pm, a half-dollar off for all their alcoholic drinks. From Tuesdays to Sundays, they provide night entertainments, and I suspect that some of those I’ve seen just patronize the place for that reason, and to hell with the beer. Speaking of beers, they give two-dollar Buds [...]

The Firkin & Fox is part of a large chain, they have over 40 in north America. They have a full bar that serves both draft and bottled beer. Nice booth as well as table seating. If you like to play darts they have real dart boards and not the plastic tip [...]

Dunleavy’s is a local watering hole, but it has something of everything. Believe me when I say you’ll be seeing sandwiches you won’t be able to finish in one sitting, and the drinks are affordable. For a low-profile unwinding, this is a perfect spot. Don’t worry about your car, parking could be done on site. [...]

An old-fashioned pub of the Irish tradition- they sure have the plasmas and LCDs, but it is nothing new. All sports bars (even dive bars sometimes) have them. What separates Pat O’brien from the others is the kind of celebration they do on St Patrick’s day. The Irish cuisine is basically homemade, but there is [...]

In this watering hole, you get some outdoor dining experience and after which, you can settle down in the bar proper where you will be served by courteous waiters. Good news to both smokers and non-smokers, there are designated zones for both of them. The bar is truly stocked, for they have beers, wines, Irish [...]

Notwithstanding the name which I find weird, I like the place and I urge you to pay it a visit. Enjoy the Big Game on any of the flat screens, then shout yourself hoarse as you cheer for your team. The food is ok, but the service is even better. I’ve not encountered any of [...]

While I will not say that this is the best pub in the whole of Detroit, I would have to say that this is an Irish pub PAR EXCELLENCE. Parking is available and the security is tight enough so that you don’t have to worry about your Corvette. One of the most popular in this [...]

Stout serves old-school Irish foods and also American cuisine. The meals they cover are for lunch and dinner, and in case you are wondering about the dress code- it’s Anything Goes. For entertainment, there’s the music run by the DJ onboard. This is one of those family-friendly bars, and you know why? Ask your waiter [...]

Are you sick and tired of those bars that are so small, that during weekends, you always step onto somebody’s toe? Try this place, it’s a roomy bar that showcases Celtic memorabilia. A very good list of cocktails to quench your thirst. Over the weekends, they play traditional Irish. If there is somebody in your [...]