Sunday, December 4th, 2022

It is not just a bar, first and last, it is a jazz club. The lighting is very minimal, but you will like the beverages. The fun includes anticipating who would do some bit of jamming with the accomplished musicians. If you like soul food, this lounge has some of the best in the whole [...]

Seldom Blue is located on the top of the GM Renaissance Center. It has a great view of Detroit. This is one of those rare places where drinking and dining are at an equal footing- both excellent experiences. At Seldom Blues, you get both French and American cuisines. This is not your ordinary [...]

First bad news: the cocktails (just one kind) can cost about $11, but the good news: believe me, it’s worth it. The decorations are interesting, and the staff are sociable enough. Second good news: there are signs that you should converse to a minimum during the jazz band performances. The second bad news: it is [...]