Sunday, December 4th, 2022

This place boasts of a creative set of dishes- steak/ribs, seafoods to start with. Everyday dinner specials can be availed of and (hold your breath), they have no less than 200 martini creations. No offense, but if you are a martini lover and from this 200 you cannot find your heart’s desire, it is not [...]

For the longest time, this bar has given the Dearborn residents the opportunity to get drunk, relax and have fun. You can have any of the following (or all): a game of pool, chocolates, a Dean Martini, and if your dancing is your game, they have the space for it. To be more accurate, they [...]

In this bar, the menu on drinks is far from zero, let me just give you a few. They have Peanut butter cup, Pineapple Bomber and the Orange Creamsicle. Appetizers are good, try their calamari and you’ll probably order some for dinner later on. For live entertainment, rock bands from the local scene hug the [...]

If you simply want an after-dinner talk with a good friend while sipping beer, this is a good spot. Silky’s is connected to Kiernans steakhouse. They have live music from Tues to Sat, showcasing local jazz/rock groups. Go over the martini list and the appetizers to make your evening very relaxing. Casual chic is [...]

This place boasts of no less than 185 kinds of martinis, not to mention the beers and other wines they have in stock. You can do any of the following to entertain yourself: play the Club Keno, dance until the wee hours of the morning, and just listen to the DJs. This is a spot [...]

A typical bar lounge in so many respects, it is above-average in some ways. Situated in downtown Detroit, it has the edge over its competitors in terms of location- high traffic means a lot of people not seeking out a bar might just decide to drop by in to rest their weary feet. The interior [...]

Their specialty – the Number VI, it’s purportedly a secret mix of 6 kinds of liquors. I never tried it, but that is just because my stomach stages a revolution when I take in something that exotic. If you are a teener or 20-something, you’ll like the music- top 40 and hiphop and have [...]

The Dirty Martini is located upstairs in Andiamo next to Second City comedy club. It is not an ordinary stop before your concert or dinner, with its sophistication, it has actually become a favorite hangout of so many people. Regarding your car, they offer both valet and free lot parking. The dress code is [...]

It is not a beer place, it is a martini haven- and guests have a dozen to choose from. Their Double six Bubbletini is made of Grey Goose vodka, champagne, peach schnapps and lemon twist), while the Cloud 9 has vanilla vodka and cinnamon foam. I said it’s not exactly a beer place, that is [...]