Sunday, December 4th, 2022

You can easily find Atwater Block Brewery on Joseph Campau Street between Franklin Street and Wight Street. It’s a lesser known bar compared to the other ones within the city, but it’s definitely a hidden gem. Juicy perfectly cooked burgers, cheap beers that are chilled to perfection, and lots of microbrews to please your tastebuds. [...]

Bastone Brewery is located directly on South Main Street, in between East 5th Street and East 4th Street. It’s easy to find, and you’ll never want to leave! This awesome brewery is known for its chill laid back atmosphere, and that casual romantic atmosphere that is perfect for first dates and long-term anniversaries alike. The [...]

Atmosphere in this bar is fun, and this is definitely a music-oriented place. Good food, and their microbrew is actually better than the regular beers. Steaks and burgers as expected for those who want to satisfy their hunger. The prices are ok, but when the place jumps (population inside), it is no longer ok. I [...]

The food is ok, the ambience is conducive to complete relaxation (don’t fall asleep) and you will have fun with so many kinds of beers. As far as the menu is concerned, nothing really grabs me, but there is nothing that I’ll go so far and criticize. Service is fast, better than some bars I’ve [...]

The waiter who last served me was good, a bit soft-spoken. However, the bartender I got to talk to was a bit arrogant. He must have gotten up on the wrong side of the bed, I just asked him regarding parking and he barked at me. Going to drinks however, the list is not that [...]

The food is good here, but it’s the beer that I want to talk about. They have their “signature beers”, and here is a couple. First is the Kings Peak Caraboo Wheat, brewed with a seventy-thirty mix of barley and wheat. Another is the Shark tooth Bay Golden Ale, which is from a 2-row barley [...]