Sunday, December 4th, 2022

You get no less than ten TVs to occupy you during a big game (or even a lousy game for that matter, for as long as it’s your sport). A large patio outside if you want to get some fresh air. This bar even has NTN trivia, get a chance to show off your mettle! [...]

This is old-school, that is, it’’s a traditional pub/restaurant built as a genuine establishment of the Irish. It is not just a bar, it’s a lot more: banquet facilities, a patio, a gaming room and even private tables if you want to be alone with your special someone. Service is good, the stable of drinks [...]

The place looks good inside, and if you love Detroit trivia, you can spend half the night checking out the memorabilia (however, the service leaves much to be desired). It took half an hour for our food to arrive, and they were not even elaborate dishes. The nachos were disappointing, what did they do- get [...]

There are times when I just want to drink wine in a bar without a show in front of me, and this place is a good one. They alley deck is located at the same location as the Majestic Cafe. Over the bar, they have canopy section, and it’s the place to be during [...]

For the longest time, this bar has given the Dearborn residents the opportunity to get drunk, relax and have fun. You can have any of the following (or all): a game of pool, chocolates, a Dean Martini, and if your dancing is your game, they have the space for it. To be more accurate, they [...]

The Firkin & Fox is part of a large chain, they have over 40 in north America. They have a full bar that serves both draft and bottled beer. Nice booth as well as table seating. If you like to play darts they have real dart boards and not the plastic tip [...]

Ashley’s known for having hundreds of different beers to choose from. The food is good in this place: try any of the following- burger with blue cheese, fish, chips. The service has a big room for improvement- the bartender wasted about 15 minutes of our time. He obviously thought that chatting senselessly with the [...]

Are you sick and tired of that kind of bar that is jampacked ANY hour at any day you go? Well, the Bosco is a good alternative. While there will always be times when you’d have to clash elbows with the multitudes, there are a lot of times where you can find a good unoccupied [...]

If you simply want an after-dinner talk with a good friend while sipping beer, this is a good spot. Silky’s is connected to Kiernans steakhouse. They have live music from Tues to Sat, showcasing local jazz/rock groups. Go over the martini list and the appetizers to make your evening very relaxing. Casual chic is [...]

As the name implies, Pier 500 offers a dining experience as well as a good time over booze. They have indoor seating but if you want to get out, the patio will serve. Their sandwiches are of varying prices- the grilled cheese for $2.50 while prepare $9 for the popular Hawaiian shrimp wrap. Entrees range [...]