Sunday, December 4th, 2022

Green Lantern Pizzeria is well known in Royal Oak for its mouth watering pizzas! We just never seem to grow tired of this place. The perfect pizza is partially defined by the crust, partially by the sauce, and partially by the cheese and toppings, and we can assure you that Green Lantern really gets them [...]

This bar offers the Bottle Service past ten pm, but only on weekends. They even have a private section for VIP bottle service, don’t inquire from me, I just mentioned it. Check it out from their website or call in. Their DJ is called Bill da Cat, and he is some kind of an icon [...]

Not only do they have a full bar, but they have twenty-seven various beers on tap. The emphasis is on the Michigan micro-brews that get rotated regularly. On Tuesdays, they have live bands, and if you love singing while drinking, karaoke happens from Thursdays to Saturdays. Here is the best part (to many at least), [...]

To say that the pizza of Clover Bar is ‘ok’ is like saying Garry Kasparov is a chessplayer. Their pizza is one of the best I’ve tasted in the whole of Grand Haven. A lot of options for dining and a respectable roster of liquor. It is not a sports bar, so if you hate [...]