Sunday, December 4th, 2022

Running their business from Monday to Friday, the doors of Elbow open at 4. Besides all the drinks, this is a haven for lovers of live rock music. Every Thu, they hold the MoFo karaoke. This is an affair involving numberless songs, bubbles (you have to be there), lights, vocal monitors, etc. Not a bad [...]

First the good news: the waitstaff here is professional and courteous, in other words- no attitude problems. The bad news: despite all good intentions and habits, if the place is jampacked, you may have a lot of waiting to do regarding the orders. (The only thing I can see to improve this is to hire [...]

A small club with ample offerings: first, they have rock bands. Granted, you may see a band that is so obscure you’ll be wondering where on Mars they came from, but on the other hand, national bands also make an appearance. You get bikers, car buffs, tattooed folks, and others. Beer is ok, and the [...]

People may know this as a bowling center, more than anything else, but it has a fully-stocked bar. Prices of the drinks are reasonable, but here’s more. They have these special packages (corporate or adult parties) like the Basic Party- for $18/head, soda, munchies and pizzas. For the Better party package, $20/head, sodas, munchies and [...]

Cliff Bells is one of the top jazz venues in downtown Detroit, and it’s also one of the oldest. It’s been completely restored to its former glory, with its authentic art-deco flair and its upscale atmosphere. They’ve got incredible live musicians filling the space with unbelievable sounds all week long, and the venue is also [...]

This is definitely a beer place- enjoy their Happy Hour on Thursdays, Fridays and Sundays from 3 to 7pm where you get wells and domestic beers for just about $2. If you are not a beer person but a wine lover, they have that for three dollars (some of them). They put one-half off on [...]

This bar, I would best describe it as “ho-hum”, and why so? I am a good player in pool and I love darts as well, this lounge does not have them. Yes, they have a jukebox, but it is not something I search for when I enter bars. Standard prices for the drinks, a respectable [...]

Not such a shabby place to meet new friends, and the drinks are ok. You can stay in the patio during hot days. The service is above average, which we cannot say for so many other bars in Dearborn (no need to name names). Games are the standard: darts and pool, and if you want [...]

After just a few weeks of patronizing this bar, you will soon realize that everybody knows your name. The burgers are ok, the beer are good (read: cold), but for a sports buff like me, the best are the TVs. The establishment serves both lunch and dinner, and the average drink price is three dollars. [...]

One reason why this place has a solid core of regulars is their daily food specials. The food is great, affordable prices, and more than that, they are not lacking in the standard games we expect in a bar. You can play pool for free (Fridays) or enjoy watching from any of their eight TVs. [...]