Saturday, May 30th, 2020

The Hu Rays Varsity Club is one of the more popular dive bars in Dearborn territory. Whether you’re a regular or a passing-thru guest, you can enjoy the bar’s good burgers and liquors. The place offers dart games, pool and yes, even the Golden Tee. If you are a techie who makes it a point [...]

Indeed, a number of Detroit’s renowned alt-rock groups started their “careers” in this particular bar. It is actually an underground club that exudes an intimate atmosphere. It gives an eclectic set of live music entertainment. The Shelter is located in the basement of Saint Andrews Hall. If The Shelter is hosting a seperate event [...]

They have karaoke, the beer is cheap, smoky due to the cigarettes all around you- in other words, a very typical bar. The game room features quite a lot: pinball, the mandated pool games, foosball, and if my eyes did not deceive me-they have the arcade game (I saw it from afar). They don’t have [...]

If you want a bar that is filled to the brim, try this place on a Friday night, and be treated to local/national shows. They serve lunch and dinner, and they do not have a must-reserve policy. Yes, it can be called a singles bar, but I’ve seen a lot of couples patronizing the bar. [...]

Their specialty – the Number VI, it’s purportedly a secret mix of 6 kinds of liquors. I never tried it, but that is just because my stomach stages a revolution when I take in something that exotic. If you are a teener or 20-something, you’ll like the music- top 40 and hiphop and have [...]

Stop Spot Lounge is one of the few places that still have the shuffleboards. Food is greasy but then, the drinks are very affordable. They have a karaoke that is loud, capital L. They have TVs and you’ll surely feel comfy when you are watching the big game. They also have good-looking plasmas- that is, [...]

If you hate bars with outlandishly-priced drinks, then include Mulligan’s Irish Pub place on your list. Drinks are quite affordable but take note, all the food they offer is your normal fried bar food. The name is quite inaccurate, for there is nothing particularly Irish with this bar. It has its loyal clique of regulars [...]