Sunday, December 4th, 2022

Snookers Pool & Pub is a cool place to shoot some pool with friends. It beats most of the bars when it comes to playing billiards because they’ve got such a multitude of tables that you never find yourself having to wait around for one. The prices are really good and low as well. The [...]

Oak Cafe is possibly the most popular bar in Wyandotte, situated on the corner of Oak and 12th Streets. This cozy little pub has been a part of the city for as long as we can remember, and they are going strong today with one of the widest beer selections we’ve ever seen. There are [...]

Lakeview Bar & Grill of Novi is our favorite for delicious juicy meaty steaks and thick delicious hamburgers that taste like homemade! This restaurant has been in business as long as we can remember, and we can’t imagine Novi without it! Something that you may not expect to be top notch is the grilled chicken [...]

Kitty-corner from Oldsmobile Park, this is one of the area’s most popular sports bars. It has more than a dozen panels, and if the game is worth watching, then it will be onscreen. However, it’s not just that, Nuthouse has gameday specials. They have $3 domestic schooners, $2 (2) hotdogs and 2 chili dogs for [...]

Whether you’ve had sixteen problems all at once in the office or it’s a lazy day-off, McGeady’s is a good stop for some chips and some booze. Vid games and keno entertain multitudes of customers, but for those who do not care about these games, chances are, they will care if their current NBA idol [...]

This bar opens its business at 3pm and closes at 2am. The early shows are for all age brackets, but door times differ. You’d have to check the calendar (they have a website) to be sure, that or call the landline. The night shows are naturally for those 18 and above, door opens at 9pm. [...]

People may know this as a bowling center, more than anything else, but it has a fully-stocked bar. Prices of the drinks are reasonable, but here’s more. They have these special packages (corporate or adult parties) like the Basic Party- for $18/head, soda, munchies and pizzas. For the Better party package, $20/head, sodas, munchies and [...]