Sunday, December 4th, 2022

Wheat & Rye Steak House is an Allen Park staple, located on Allen Road between Angelique Avenue and Oceana Avenue. They’ve been going strong for at least thirty years, maybe more, and they still offer those great giant sandwiches and steaks that made them so famous in the first place. The atmosphere is comfortable and [...]

Since 2004, this bar has been providing a lot of fun, alcohol and live entertainment. The dress code is lax (anything goes), but please- don’t think you can go in there half-naked! Aside from the beer, the music is the reason why this place is popular- you have Top 40, Rock, Pop and hiphop. The [...]

As a form of appetizers, you may want to try out the chicken strips. You’ll be amused looking at all the sports-themed decor hanging all over (even if you’re not a sports buff). Drinks are ok, and their pizza is not your ordinary kind. It is a typical sports bar, and wherever you may be [...]