Sunday, December 4th, 2022

What makes this bar not so ordinary are the lunch specials and the highly-competent waitstaff. Try their 75-cent coney dogs (Tuesday) or the five-dollar steaks/fries every Wednesday. They have the daily drink specials such as the $8 buckets (Monday) and the $1 Miller items (Thurs). Both lunch and dinner are served here, and the dress [...]

Yes, the name is funny, but the hell with it. Their beer is good and cold, and that is what counts to the regular guy. Prices are standard, and if you complain about something (on the prices), expect some raised eyebrows (from the staff that is). It is not exactly the place to seek out [...]

While portions of the food are sufficient, the drawbacks outweight the good side of this bar. I really would not expect a lot of people to make this their regular hangout place. Assuming you want tons and tons of low-quality food, then this bar would suit you to a T. Some of the items come [...]

Not such a shabby place to meet new friends, and the drinks are ok. You can stay in the patio during hot days. The service is above average, which we cannot say for so many other bars in Dearborn (no need to name names). Games are the standard: darts and pool, and if you want [...]

If you do not know a single thing about hot rods, then you might just be put out when you stay in this place. This is a local bar that showcases hot rod memorabilia. Take note, a guest can have pictures of their auto within the premises. For 22 ounces (draft), it’s a good two [...]

One reason why this place has a solid core of regulars is their daily food specials. The food is great, affordable prices, and more than that, they are not lacking in the standard games we expect in a bar. You can play pool for free (Fridays) or enjoy watching from any of their eight TVs. [...]

The Hu Rays Varsity Club is one of the more popular dive bars in Dearborn territory. Whether you’re a regular or a passing-thru guest, you can enjoy the bar’s good burgers and liquors. The place offers dart games, pool and yes, even the Golden Tee. If you are a techie who makes it a point [...]