Sunday, December 4th, 2022

Howells Bar & Grill is one of those great neighborhood bars that reminds you of Cheers. The bartenders and waitstaff know the names of all the regulars, and they put in that extra effort to make sure that everybody has a really good time, even if it’s your very first time there. The burgers are [...]

Chances are if you drive into Dearborn for a great juicy burger, you go to Miller Bar. We love them too, but there’s another one that is competing for our attention, and it’s Falls Sports Lounge. It’s located on Carlysle Street between Ziegler Street and West Outer Drive, so it’s a little more off the [...]

J B Bamboozle’s is under new management, and if you haven’t stopped in for a while you’ll be pleasantly surprised by all the changes! Everybody that works here is friendly and happy to see you, whether you’re a regular or if it’s your first time in! Excellent hang out spot, reasonably priced food and drinks, [...]

Elmhurst Tap Room in Dearborn has been going strong for as long as we can remember, and that says a lot about its worth as a great bar because it’s up against some very stiff downtown competition nowadays! This off the beaten path location is worth the trip, mostly for its excellent pizza and hamburgers, [...]

The Post Bar is such an essential, whether it’s the Dearborn location or any other in the area. This happens to be our favorite one, conveniently located on Michigan Avenue between Mason Street and Monroe Street. It’s got that cool urban vibe that you love, and it’s also a great place to eat whether day [...]

Parisian Bistro is one of the newer restaurants on the Michigan Avenue strip in downtown Dearborn, having replaced Kasey’s Salad Bar between Mason Street and Monroe Street. We’re sad that Kasey’s is gone, but this restaurant is so good, it more than makes up for it. It’s a taste of Paris right here in Michigan. [...]

We love The Well Bar in Dearborn. It’s a British styled pub with authentic oak walls and tables. As soon as you walk through the door you feel like you have been transported to a real pub back in good old Ireland! They’ve got all your favorite brews on tap and some pleasant surprises too, [...]

One of the best in the whole Metro, and if I were not married, I’ll probably be here everyday. Imported beers go for less than $4.00- not bad. The place has karaoke (no charge, just don’t monopolize it for five hours). To those who hate listening to other people singing, well, try your hand in [...]

In terms of sports bar fare, the food here is above-average. A good selection of different beers and the bartenders are professional. Expect the place to be loud and jumping when a big game is on. Their steak is worth returning to, trust us. This is a family-friendly place- you might even see a hockey [...]

As far as Dearborn nightlife is concerned, this bar is a place I recommend. Drinks are wines and beers, while the foods are lunch and appetizers. They have live music, a jukebox Open Mike every Sunday, and they line up special guests on some Saturdays. If you want the classic bar games, [...]