Sunday, December 4th, 2022

Cadieux Cafe



What makes this establishment unique is they have featherbowling (which I cannot explain here). The onion soup is renowned and always sought after by the area’s residents (and tourists). There are times when a band will perform, but that is clearly not the number one entertainment of the place. Belgian food is the staple of this place, it would be a good change (even just for a meal) from the usual American cuisine. Get to see pics of famous Belgians, if you don’t want to join the featherbowling.

Cadieux Cafe
4300 Cadieux Road
Detroit, MI
(313) 882-8560


One Response to “Cadieux Cafe”
  1. Harry says:

    A bar in my Top 10.
    This is Detroit’s only remaining Belgian bar – right in the heart of what used to be a Belgian neighborhood. It is one of the city’s best “destination” bars … worth a trip just to hang out.
    Specialty of the house (as it is in Belgian restaurants) is mussels … and they are absolutely spectacular. Not sure if they still serve the other two items that Belgians are known for which they used to serve – that is, rabbit and also buffalo (”buffalo’s” became an old knickname for Belgians for this reason).

    Feather bowling is great to play and fun to watch. If you don’t intend to play (you have to pay – similar to bowling) call ahead and ask when the Feather Bowling Leagues will be there so you can see the game in action.
    Great food and drink. Great old atmosphere. Highly rated.

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