Sunday, December 4th, 2022

O’Halloran’s Tipperary Pub



While I will not say that this is the best pub in the whole of Detroit, I would have to say that this is an Irish pub PAR EXCELLENCE. Parking is available and the security is tight enough so that you don’t have to worry about your Corvette. One of the most popular in this watering hole is their Guinness, but don’t worry, there are other brands in stock. Hey, even if you are not Irish, you’ll be able to fully relax in Tipperary.

O’Halloran’s Tipperary Pub
8287 Southfield Rd
Detroit, MI 48228.


One Response to “O’Halloran’s Tipperary Pub”
  1. Harry says:

    This was the most Irish bar in Detroit. (whereas the old shillelagh is an *American*-Irish bar … the Tipperary was an pure IRISH bar)

    Sadly, the Tip has been closed for more than a year now. The nearest great Irish bar to that location is Dunleavy’s in Allen Park.

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