Sunday, December 4th, 2022

Rockstarz Karaoke Bar is in the building that formerly housed Jamie’s. You’re probably sad that Jamie’s is no more, but let us assure you that Rockstarz is a worthy replacement! We’d venture to say that this is the best karaoke bar in the state, with a full band stage equipped with mics for everyone and [...]

This place boasts of rock bands,karaoke and DJs. If you love extended happy hours, then check out the place on weekdays, from lunch to 7pm. They have a full bar for the drinks and smokers will be happy to learn that they can puff all they want within the premises. For Fridays and Saturdays, admission [...]

If you are particular with the kind of bartender who’ll attend to you, then Sat night is the best time to go there (this batch is sociable). They have exceptional burgers and fries, and if sports is your thing, football is a popular one watched by the regulars. Liquor prices are neither dirt-cheap nor exhorbitant. [...]

This bar gives live entertainment everyday and a lot of specials (drinks). The cover depends on the kind of show for the night. What I love best about the place is their “anything goes” dress code. (For the newbies in the nightlife scene, this does not mean you can arrive half-naked). They have wines and [...]