Sunday, December 4th, 2022

Whiskey in the Jar is one of the coolest hangout spots in Hamtramck. The mixture of people here is very eclectic and wild. You’ll see a very diverse crowd, and a very reliable staff who is happy to cater to everyone there! They’ve often got great live music to check out, and the atmosphere simply [...]

The Belmont of Hamtramck is just an all around great bar that we make sure to visit any time we are in town. They’ve got the best sound system in the city, so this will be a favorite among music lovers. They’ve also got really cheap drinks that are still strong and flavorful, and super [...]

This is a great dive bar, and I do not say that lightly. Their buffalo-chicken burgers are wonderful or if you want- just drink to your heart’s content. The place is a mix of a greasy spoon and a dive bar, so it caters to different kinds of clienteles. The drinks are good and [...]

In my book, the size of a structure is not equivalent to the overall excellence of the place. However, in the case of Mephisto, the size and the excellence go hand in hand. It is in a Victorian house, but saying “house” is like saying Celine Dion is a singer. Mephisto holds 3 floors, a [...]

Not all bars in this part of Michigan are well-situated, some are in the most obscure spots. Thank goodness that Baker’s is in an ideal location- in the heart of downtown. With less than 10$, you’ll be able to get something- at the very least some drinks. For entertainment if you get bored, try the [...]

If you are bringing your grandma (or granddad) in the first visit, you may just be put out. To get to the place, you need to pass thru a tiny chain-linked alley, but once you get past that, you’ll get a good stay. They have retro seats and a jukebox that plays Ray Charles (your [...]

I, and I’m sure along with hundreds of patrons, go to this bar to see the bands. Small’s even has a foosball to occupy those who are interested. A respectable list of beers- Bell’s – they have that. You can get to see all kinds of people: the nice, the interesting, and since this is [...]

If it’s a rock band whose members hail from Detroit, expect them to have played here at one time or another. If live entertainment is what pumps up your blood, then this place should go in your must-see list. Low cover charge and if you are lucky, you’ll get to watch six bands in a [...]

The New Dodge has 2 levels and this is most definitely the watering hole for sports buffs. The bar itself is large and they even have a game room. Enjoy the pool and the darts, and when you are too tired to remain on your feet, slump down and enjoy the beer. Burgers are OK, [...]

Seven Brothers is renowned, for a variety of reasons. The beer is really affordable, the PBR costs just over a dollar, and you get a very professional bartender. This a perfect spot for you and your loved one before a concert. The crowd is mixed: you see college guys, rockers and even a sprinkling of [...]