Sunday, December 4th, 2022

Best Damn Bar & Grill has a name that’s hard to live up to, but they sure do a damn good job of it! They’ve got DJs spinning the hottest sounds while the patrons careen around the dance floor, plus they often have live entertainment to keep your evening jumping. The waitresses dress very sexy [...]

Flapper’s Cafe is a small and unusual bar in Lincoln Park, located on Southfield Road between Pingree Avenue and Empire Avenue. They’ve got a unique menu that includes great burgers and an incredible wet burrito! We know what you’re thinking, don’t eat Mexican at an American bar… but we promise you, it’s delicious. They often [...]

Mc Caffery’s Bar is casual cool in the daytime and rocking and jumping late at night! They’ve always got a different soup of the day posted on the outside of the bar so you can check it out when you’re driving past on your way to work or wherever you’re headed, and they are in [...]

The bar gives a relaxing ambiance, unlike other pubs whose atmosphere is so high-octane that you feel you’re still in the office of the Boss. They have nachos and giant bar burgers, tasty yes, exceptional, not really. Meals served are lunch and dinner, and if you want reservations, that is possible. They even have trivia [...]

Popularly known as “Cheers of Downriver”, it is a good spot for a number of reasons- first, the staff is friendly. The burgers they have are filling and you’ll forget ordering any expensive entrees. As their entertainment, you guessed it- TVs. All five of them, you would be happy to note that this is a [...]