Sunday, December 4th, 2022

Shot Makers Sports Bar & Grill is just a cozy little tavern on Dix Toledo Road in Southgate. No watered down drinks or bland bar food here, just great piping hot lunch and dinner and good stiff drinks that you won’t have to pay an arm and a leg for. Many say that these are [...]

Gleason’s Bar & Grill has a cool modern atmosphere, lit with blacklights. There are a couple of pool tables and a generously sized dance floor with mirrors. The bartenders are pretty friendly and they mix a good stiff drink. Sexy waitresses too! We like the outdoor patio in the summer months. It gets pretty crowded [...]

Cloverleaf Bar is a cool pub for those who prefer a slightly more mature crowd. They’ve got karaoke here which isn’t too bad, and they’ve always got lively crowds who really know how to have a good time. The crowd is generally comprised of mostly regulars who all know each other, so you’ve got that [...]

White Horse Lounge is a beloved dive bar near the corner of Eureka Road and Fort Street, and it’s been going strong for something like fifty years now, maybe more! It’s just a simple rectangle shaped building with a long bar, a spot for karaoke and a dancefloor, and lots of tables, but somehow it’s [...]

Snookers Pool & Pub is a cool place to shoot some pool with friends. It beats most of the bars when it comes to playing billiards because they’ve got such a multitude of tables that you never find yourself having to wait around for one. The prices are really good and low as well. The [...]

Subi’s Place has been the center of a lot of controversy in recent years with the residents trying to force it out into a different area. However it remains standing in the same place it’s been for all these decades, still going strong and always packed with tons of happy customers and hot dancers. It’s [...]

Henry the VIII in Southgate has been going strong for as long as we can remember. Everybody agrees that it’s not the best strip joint you could ever visit, yet it remains popular due to it being one of the few adult entertainment venues in the area. On the plus side you’re not heading into [...]

Malarkey’s is one of the newer bars in the Southgate area, but it’s already been around for something like a decade and it shows no signs of slowing down. Very popular with all ages. You will find it at the corner of Dix-Toledo Road and Eureka Road (if you remember where Chi-Chi’s used to be, [...]

The place holds karaoke on Tuesdays and Thursdays, but if singing is not what you like, the bar has other forms of entertainment. Take your pick: video games, pool or the classic darts. Meals served are lunch and dinner, so for breakfast, you need to go somewhere else. Dress code is Anything goes, so you [...]

This establishment has a lot of TVs, so it’s a good haven for sports addicts. On Saturday nights, expect a band to be in front of you at Mallie’s. Are you tired of playing darts with losers? Try the lobster game, it’s in the front door. That is: try getting a live lobster using the [...]