Sunday, December 4th, 2022

Beaver Creek is a wonderful restaurant and bar in Westland. If you’re not familiar with it, it’s about time that you get acquainted! They’ve got a menu that offers a wide variety of tastes, and no matter what you order it’s always done just right. The service is truly excellent. I don’t think we’ve ever [...]

It would be easy to overlook The Ivory Room on Ford Road in Westland, because it looks small from the outside, but don’t! It’s very spacious with many pool tables, tons of video games, and a great bar. The service is always top notch, with pretty waitresses who are very friendly. They’ve got an extensive [...]

This bar boasts of seven TVs for the loner who just wants to be left alone watching the NBA games. They also have darts (take note, electronic darts), pool, and for those who hate any kind of game, they can simply dance. They have a respectable selection of beers and wines. Entertainment also includes a [...]

This bar is a popular one for the ladies, and why not? They have 3 Ladies Nite every Thursday- 9 to 11pm, women would just pay 2$ for an All You Can Drink of certain beers. On Friday and Sat nights, the bar offers karaoke for the American Idol wannabes. Food is just ok, meaning [...]

In Last Lap Cafe, get an ambiance of Nascar- but even if you are not into this line of sports, you can still have one hell of a good time. Foods are great (nothing earth-shattering still) and some music entertainment. With a full bar, you get a respectable selection of brands. If you are a [...]

Ashley’s known for having hundreds of different beers to choose from. The food is good in this place: try any of the following- burger with blue cheese, fish, chips. The service has a big room for improvement- the bartender wasted about 15 minutes of our time. He obviously thought that chatting senselessly with the [...]

It’s a typical dive bar- and nothing more. They have music (live), a number of TVs for the always-present sports people, and again, that’s about it. Their furniture are begging to be replaced but if that is not issue for you, then you can still have a good time drinking your beer. The best thing [...]

In terms of music genre, Token has all of them (I think)- techno, goth, emo, hardcore, metal, rockabilly, alt-rock. The full bar of this place will take care of your raging thirst, whatever brand of beer you opt for (waitstaff is good). What about entertainment -do they have magicians or nude girls? No, but you’ll [...]

This is a perfect location for hanging out with the gang and here are the reasons. First: domestic beers cost around just two dollars. Second: local rock bands perform here, and third- they have a free lot for parking. Meals served in the place are lunch and dinner, sorry- no breakfasts. Reservations are accepted if [...]

Malarkey’s pub can be described as a sports bar hangout. Even though its a sports bar, if you go on certain nights you might be able to find a live DJ and people dancing on the dance floor. Most of their waitresses are young and attractive. Food is typical but the cooks must [...]